A física das partículas humanas PDF
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Complexity in quantitative finance and economics
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Role of the plurality rule in multiple choices
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| arXiv |
Consequences of nonconformist behaviors in a continuous opinion model
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Statistical patterns in movie rating behavior
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Metapopulation dynamics in a complex ecological landscape
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How does public opinion become extreme?
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Stylized facts in Brazilian vote distributions
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Sleep apnea-hypopnea quantification by cardiovascular data analysis
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Effect of environment fluctuations on pattern formation of single species
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Impact of contrarians and intransigents in a kinetic model of opinion dynamics
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Random degree-degree correlated networks
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Bridging stylized facts in finance and data non-stationarities
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Diminished heart beat nonstationarities in congestive heart failure
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Hydration of hydrophobic biological porphyrins
T. R. C. Guizado, S.R. W. Louro, C. Anteneodo (JCP, 2011)




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